Santa Clarita Mayor Pro Tem Bob Kellar Endorses Todd Zink

Santa Clarita Mayor Pro Tem Bob Kellar has endorsed Military Officer, Deputy District Attorney and California State Senate candidate Todd Zink.

Mayor Pro Tem Kellar has served on the Santa Clarita City Council since April 2000, serving as Mayor in 2004 and again in 2008. He spent 25 years with the Los Angeles Police Department before retiring in 1993.

“Todd Zink is easily the most qualified candidate to serve us in Sacramento,” said Kellar. “Senator Pavley has dropped the ball time and time again. Our state’s problems remain, and it’s time to give our community a solution to our problems. Our answer is Todd Zink.”

Zink, a U.S. Marine, is a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney. Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley is also supporting Zink.

“There is clearly a disconnect between our current Legislature and the reality for so many of our residents,” said Zink. “We need common sense solutions, not repeated rhetoric and I am grateful that Mayor Pro Tem Kellar and others are on board with my vision to move us forward.”

Zink is running in the newly drawn 27th Senate District. Zink is married to his wife, Christon, a Vietnamese immigrant and attorney specializing in Workers Compensation Defense. Todd and Christon live in Westlake Village with their two sons; Hunter, age 7, Conner, age 5, and their rescued mutt, Lucky.