Fran Pavley Votes Against High Speed Rail

Placing Second in June has Changed Her View of the World

Westlake Village – Military Officer and Senate candidate Todd Zink points out the clear political motives behind Senator Fran Pavley’s vote today in Sacramento against High Speed Rail.

“Senator Pavley does not get to be the hero when she created the emergency.” said Zink. “She has supported every single effort to build this railroad that will start by moving people between Bakersfield and Fresno, and today decided to change direction completely and oppose the effort. This can only be explained by her placing second in the June Primary.”

Senator Pavley has supported this project in the past, and the reason that she changed her position was that, on June 5th, she was the only incumbent State Senator seeking re-election that did not finish first on the ballot. She placed second to Zink.

“This is why people don’t like politics,” said Zink. “Senator Pavley believes in these enormous government programs. She has supported them her entire career, but now the upcoming election has caused her to go against her beliefs and cast a vote that is a complete contradiction to the dozens of others she has cast on this issue.”

Just last September, Pavley voted to support AB 615 by Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal to spend $4 million to plan the phase II route between Los Angeles and San Diego. The only thing that changed between then and now is the election in June.

Todd Zink has the experience to lead, both as a Lt. Colonel in the United States Marine Corps that has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and as a Deputy District Attorney. Zink knows the importance of leadership and how acting inconsistently is damaging to the morale of those you lead.