California Small Business Association Endorses Todd Zink for State Senate

California State Senate candidate Todd Zink has earned the endorsement of the California Small Business Association.

“Our state desperately relies on small businesses to boost California’s economy and create opportunities of employment for our citizens,” Zink said. “It is an honor to be seen as the best candidate for business by a distinguished organization such as the California Small Business Association.”

Zink has made it a priority in his candidacy for State Senate to re-establish a successful small business model that once steered California’s economy. During the last couple of years, over 400,000 small businesses have closed down or left California because of unfair tax burdens and overly burdensome regulations imposed by the Legislature. The loss of these businesses accounts for the loss of millions of jobs that are reflected in our staggering 11 percent unemployment rate. California’s unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation.

The California Small Business Association is a non-partisan organization with a mission of providing small business with a significant voice in state and federal governments.

Zink aims to legislate oversight on burdensome regulations and tax incentives to grow businesses and pay attention to small business needs by creating a Commission on Small Business, to give small business owners further voice in California.

“We must create a climate in California that encourages the growth of small businesses,” Zink said. “This is a mission for me. I will be voting against the job-killer legislation that has cost our state significantly and put a new plan in action to restore the backbone in our society – business.”

Zink is running in the newly drawn 27th Senate District. He is a husband, father, decorated Marine Corps officer, and an accomplished Deputy District Attorney with a long record of service to our community and country. His wife, Christon, is a Vietnamese immigrant and attorney specializing in Workers Compensation Defense. The couple lives in Westlake Village with their two sons: Hunter, age 7, Conner, age 5, and their rescued mutt, Lucky.