“California was once the destination for people and businesses seeking opportunity and a high quality of life. They are now fleeing to other states for the opportunities that California once offered and now has lost. California still has a wealth of resources that, if properly managed, could restore its promise.  Instead, our legislature who taxes us more than most states has little to show for their out of control spending and ever increasing debt.  It is time to get our house in order so we can restore our state’s promise.”


Jobs and the Economy

“As a former battalion commander of over 880 Marines and Sailors, it was important to me not only to take care of them in combat, but also when we got home from Afghanistan by helping them get gainfully employed.  One of the problems we were confronted with was the lack of jobs and opportunities for these young men and women sacrificing for their nation.  It is a shame that our nation cannot provide opportunities for these veterans and especially in California where we were once known as having one of the strongest economies in the world. This mission has become personal to me.  This problem as I see it is not limited to just my battalion, but it has affected the entire state of California and is one of the main reasons I am seeking elected office.”

  • There is no reason California should be at 11% unemployment (actually closer to 14% when you include underemployed and those that have given up the search for a job) when other states are between 6 to 8% with far less resources.
  • There is no reason that businesses and the jobs they can provide are being driven out of California. Over the past couple of years, over 400,000 small businesses left the state.  I have seen firsthand the struggles my wife has dealt with in starting her own small business where she has managed to create jobs in a struggling economy.
  • There is no reason why our young college graduates should have to move back in with their parents and not be able to pay their student loans because of no job prospects.
  • There is no reason why our legislature should not plan 10-20 years out for major capitol infrastructure improvements to our roads, waterways, electrical grid, etc that are essential not only for the reducing the costs of  running of our households, but also to make businesses more efficient in our economy.  The legislature has not planned properly for the increased demands on our infrastructure as our population has grown, and are more interested in propping up large bureaucratic organizations that are highly inefficient with our money.
  • There is no reason why the legislature should not properly manage our tax revenues like a business to ensure our future during good times and bad.  I believe the legislature has violated its fiduciary duty to the tax payers by mismanaging our money that we entrusted them to spend wisely on our behalf.  Instead they play with our money with little to show for it as they appease special interests. This foolish approach has eroded the three fundamental pillars of government that must never fail: 1) a healthy economy 2) a strong educational system and 3) a dependable public safety system.  All three are currently failing in our state due to the actions of the legislature.


As a State Senator I will:

  • Create tax incentives for businesses that hire unemployed veterans.  These incentives will not only encourage California businesses to hire those who have sacrificed for our country, but ease financial burdens so they can grow and hire additional Californians.
  • Listen to small business needs by creating a Commission on Small Business, designed to gather small business owners from around California, giving them a voice to educate the State on business growth and retention.
  • Insist the State’s Economic Development Agency work with local governments to attract businesses back to California.  After stripping away with Redevelopment Agencies, the state has an obligation to help cities identify, advertise and return lost jobs.
  • Introduce a law requiring the state to create a 20-year infrastructure and funding plan.  The state sees no problem forcing local government to have General Plans, so why shouldn’t the state be required to prove they have identified and planned for the needed infrastructure improvements for the next 20 years?
  • Vote against the job-killer legislation that has cost our state significantly over the past twenty years.



“My children attend public schools.  I am very troubled that the school district is being forced by Sacramento to cut more and more school days out of the school year because of poor fiscal management.  Every child in California should be afforded the opportunity to learn the subjects and skills that will ensure their gainful employment in an ever increasingly competitive world economy. California’s school system has gone from one of the best in the world to one of the worst in the nation in thirty years, and if nothing is done it will continue its downward trend, squandering our children’s future.”

  • There is no reason for the legislature to deny our tax dollars from properly educating our children.  They have turned our schools into a playground for their special interests that erodes the true potential of our education system for all of our children.
  • There is no reason why we cannot let go teachers who have violated the trust parents have bestowed to them for improper conduct with their children.
  • There is no reason the legislature should be allowed to raid the educational fund to cover their special interest projects and overspending.  Last year, the legislature authorized misappropriating taxpayer money earmarked for education.


As a State Senator I will:

  • Introduce legislation that forbids the state from withholding the budgeted funds to local government once a state budget is passed.  Local governments, including our schools, plan their year based on the state’s budget.  It is unfair to our local communities to penalize local government every time the state can’t operate within their approved budget.
  • Streamline the process for new teachers to get the proper training and education they need.  Rather then spending more time in theoretical environments, writing useless answers to various scenarios so bureaucrats can be paid to read and evaluate their potential, we should match potentially good teachers with existing great teachers and give them more practical experience in the classroom.
  • Streamline the process for removing bad teachers from the classroom.  Whether it’s criminal behavior or just poor teaching, our children’s future isn’t something to be taken lightly.  When teachers are identified that aren’t in the best interests of our students, they should be removed from the classroom regardless of tenure.
  • Work to make sure our children can read, write, and speak English as a requirement for High School graduation.


Public Safety

“As a Deputy District Attorney in the San Fernando Valley, I see firsthand the felons that commit crimes in our communities.  I have an inside perspective of the criminal element in our society and I am deeply troubled by the law the legislature passed for realignment that will essentially let convicted felons with crimes that require a state prison sentence to roam our streets.  This is not a solution, but a band-aid due to Sacramento’s fiscal mismanagement that exposes our families to more crime.”

  • There is no reason our public safety should be put in the balance due to the legislature’s mismanagement of our tax revenues.  This is the top priority of any government and is a sacred trust that must never be broken for political gain.
  • There is no reason to water down the enforcement of our laws that were written to protect us. If the legislature wants to change the punishment for violations of our laws then they need to address it by rewriting the penal code and not by releasing felons on our streets early that is not incompliance with our laws.
  • There is no reason that the legislature should not adequately plan for an expansion in our prison systems as the state’s population increases.  The legislature has not planned for our public safety properly leaving us more exposed to crime.


As a State Senator I will:

  • Introduce legislation requiring the funding of additional prisons and reversal of the state’s early release program.
  • Strengthen the laws regarding children and elder abuse to ensure that those who wish to harm the most vulnerable in our society are prosecuted to the fullest extent.
  • Provide leadership in making sure that recidivism rates go down so that we can have fewer crimes committed, fewer victims, and less of a cost to our criminal justice infrastructure.